Hello, my name is Stephanie Clarke usually referred to as “Rev. Steph.”
My sacred work in this lifetime is to revive the role of the Ancient Priestess and bring Sacred Ceremony back into the mainstream.  I love to help conscious people like you, who are spiritual but not religious, to create sacred ceremonies to honour and celebrate important life transitions in your family or community. I also love to untangle the taboos of God, Death and Sex!  So I speak and write about all of these topics, as well as miracles and mysteries, and I have a lot of fun on this journey of liberation from old ideas.  I hope you will join me.

If you are interested in learning more, then please check out my autobiography The Miss-Adventures  “The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend: a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades” 

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My Experience and Credentials

My professional training as a New Thought Minister included 10 years in Los Angeles, USA, at two different Ministerial Schools – Santa Anita and then The Holmes Institute at Agape (under Rev. Nirvana Gayle and Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith of “The Secret” fame). In order to broaden my scope and learn how to serve bereaved families who do not have any spiritual or religious orientation to life, I also trained as an Independent Funeral Celebrant in the UK.  I am a lifetime member of the UK Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

My Development as a Ritual Facilitator

I always felt like an alien on Planet Earth.  As a child, I did not have a sense of community or belonging. My alcoholic dysfunctional family tried to make me the same as them.  I was determined to escape at my earliest opportunity. My spiritual search led me to California and to the New Thought ministerial training. Unexpectedly, my informal training as a ritual facilitator occurred outside of school.

The Vision of a Multi-racial Community in South Africa

At the feet of the first black South African President, Nelson Mandela, in Sandton Square, Johannesburg.

In 1998, I graduated from Ministerial School at Agape and, in November 1999, received my “call.” So I headed back to South Africa to start implementing my vision of a multi-racial ministry that would help to heal the painful legacy of Apartheid. It was a great privilege to be selected as a facilitator at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Cape Town, South  Africa, in December 1999. There  I led two workshops:

  1. Designing a Sacred Ritual
  2. Compassionate Communication in Conflict Situations

Soul Home 2005

Traditional and Non-Traditional Rituals

In my capacity as a New Thought minister, I have created and led rituals for all kinds of life events  – and mostly not in churches!  I have done weddings in game parks and by a lake in the mountains, memorials in nature reserves and on private patios, baby blessings in private gardens and under a tree by a river.

Wedding Ceremony for Angi and Bevan, 14 February 2017

A Blended Family Blessing

Apart from a legal wedding ceremony, no life transition requires an official religious leader to authenticate it or a religious building to make it sacred! Any life transition can be marked in a sacred way to bless all concerned. And this means that you can design a ceremony and lead it too!

DIY (Divine In You) Sacred Ceremonies

After 25 years of designing and facilitating rituals for individuals, couples, families and communities,  I have discovered a way to bring this powerful spiritual activity to everyday people experiencing major life transitions. DIY Sacred Ceremonies is no ordinary business.  The idea was communicated to me one night during my sleep state. This is how it happened…..

Please contact me…

…if you would like help creating and leading a ritual – especially if you are facing the death of a loved one. You are welcome to make an appointment for a 20-minute exploratory session. Visit my Contact Page to reach out to me.

Rev. Steph initiates Gerd Pontow as a newly licensed Religious Science practitioner, February 2005

“Rev. Stephanie Clarke never fails to amaze me! Her creative spirit, enthusiasm, and big loving heart are some of her exquisite qualities I have learnt to cherish so much. I feel fortunate, indeed, for the opportunity to have been one of her students. I enjoy her wonderful gift of creating meaningful and deeply touching ceremonies for many different occasions. Her ability to teach spiritual topics is phenomenal, especially with regard to getting her students involved in transformational processes and helping them discover tools, which liberate them from stuck, worn-out thinking patterns. She helps her students move with ease and understanding into the freedom to make choices that serve the higher and greater good of all. I am grateful for her presence in my life and for the bright light emanating from her being.”

Rev. Gerd Pontow

International Spiritual Director, Soul Home, S. Africa


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Rev. Steph’s new book “The Sex Goddess: Debunking the Mythology of God & Sex” “is now available on Kindle and Amazon paperback.
Rev. Steph’s autobiography
The Miss-Adventures of an Irreverent Reverend:
a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades
is also available on Amazon.


Are you planning a ceremony and wondering how to make it perfect for all involved? You are welcome to call me for a free 20-minute exploratory session so that we can decide on the best approach for the ceremony you want to hold.

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Are you planning a ceremony and wondering how to make it perfect for all involved? You are welcome to contact me for a free 20-minute exploratory session so that we can decide on the best approach for the ceremony you want to hold.