THE MISS-ADVENTURES OF AN IRREVERENT REVEREND: a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades.


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Rev. Stephanie Clarke is an authentic being, powerful, humorous, vivacious, brilliant, sexy and profound. Her book is a miraculous tale of her spiritual journey in England, Europe and the USA, and her impossible dream to build a multiracial ministry during South Africa’s Apartheid regime.

Rev. Nirvana Reginald Gayle, Co-founder of Agape International Center of Truth, LA, USA.

Rev. Steph is a wonderful storyteller. She speaks from her heart, her writing is filled with humor and honesty about her life experiences. This is a book which resonates with the human condition of desire to learn, grow, love and be loved. Whether you are a proponent of Science of Mind or another path, there is much to learn if you are open-minded. Highly recommend this book.

Hope Elliot, Spiritual Practitioner, California, USA

I am OBSESSED with your book. I am in LOVE with your book and so grateful that I am not quite mid-way through it yet …. Because I never want it to end!!!
I was telling a couple of friends about you and your book but I can’t do any of it justice. You are my favorite new character. I have to remind myself that that book was a memoir and that you are real! (LOL).
You bring such vulnerability and authenticity. They are artforms and so rare and needed in the world of entertainment. Your adventures and stories are amazing! And your heart just brings a whole other dimension. Thank you for writing that absolute masterpiece. We need you to go global – not just in your travels but your craft.

Nancy Koenig, Life-coach, Author, Blogger, NY, USA

Hilarious, Uplifting, Intriguing
This was the first book I read in 2017 and I couldn’t have wished for a better start into the year! A joyful journey through the small and great miracles of life, principles revealed and interesting stories told in a witty, loving, and kind way. In fact, it was so engaging, I remember after I’d finished the book I immediately re-read 3 chapters because I simply couldn’t stop reading it! It is a privilege to get to know Rev. Steph closer through the pages of this book and I’m definitely getting back to it at some point. Thank you, Rev. Steph, for writing it.

Margita Margarita, Teacher, Vienna, Austria

The style made the book very easy to read as it seemed ‘chatty’ and personal.  It was an interesting mix though because Rev. Steph accomplished being chatty while also being ‘erudite.’ The book was well-written, articulate, eloquent, very intelligent and deep.  Bravo!   In fact, the book was extremely readable and the author’s story made me want to read on and on.
The Bible quotations at the start of each chapter were somehow a surprise at first, (I’m not sure why considering she is a Reverend!), but I really found her interpretations interesting.  Despite being in my 50’s, and somewhat to my shame, I have never discussed the metaphysical interpretations of the Bible stories and have taken them at face value, I guess.  So, it was very new to look at them in such a different way and be exposed to such thinking / teaching.  I found that stimulating.  What I also liked was that the interpretations seemed just the right length for the tone of the book, i.e. not too long, just enough to get the points across.  Rev. Steph’s interpretations were profound and very well expressed.  She did well, therefore, to manage introducing someone new to these ideas in such an accessible way.
On a more personal level, I adored her honesty and courage to expose herself to others.  It was a good example for me, one I admired and would like to emulate.   Rev. Steph’s vivacious personality shone through so that the reader feels they really get to know her.  I loved her self-awareness, often in hindsight. The book is obviously full of her insights and wisdom.
“Miss-Adventures” reached me emotionally.  Sometimes I laughed out loud at Rev. Steph’s comments, and other times I felt deeply moved, especially by the stories about her relationship with her parents.
Obviously, the book is full of spiritual teachings, some given with a light touch, others more seriously, and I often went and got a highlighter to mark some of the writing that I wanted to note and remember for my own spiritual path and learning.  I guess that was Rev. Steph’s aim and so I applaud her for achieving it.

Dr Debbie King, Geneva, Switzerland

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