Resources and Support

If you have never created or led a Sacred Ceremony before, let me hold your hand through the process.

I can help you design something personal and unique and even facilitate the event as well!

1. Ceremony Resources

Do you need help with the creation of your ceremony? I can provide:

  1. “Done For You” memorial script in which you simply insert the name of your loved one and choose the songs and readings with my recommendations. (You can create the full ceremony script by filling in the blanks)
  2. Songs with the You-Tube links
  3. Poems and Readings 
  4. A ceremony checklist so that you do not forget any details on the day

2. Ceremony Support

If you are not ready to create and deliver a ceremony on your own yet, I can personally help you with:

  1. The design of a personalized ceremony in consultation with you and your family
  2. Mentoring and coaching so that you lead the ceremony yourself with confidence


If you prefer, I can take on the Complete Design & Preparation as well as the Delivery of your ceremony in person at a location of your choice or even on Skype!

Please contact me <<HERE>> for a free 20-minute strategy session so that I can find out more about the ceremony you want to create and how I can best serve you.

South African Baby Blessing and Naming Ceremony

“Rev Stephanie spent many hours with us, getting to know us personally in order to prepare for a custom-made, personalized ceremony that included our children, family, and friends. The moving and well-choreographed ceremony was adored and cherished by all, with many commenting: ‘That was the best wedding ceremony I have ever attended! We love you, Steph xx”

Angela & Bevan Davis

Angi and Bev’s wedding, 14 February, 2017


Rev. Stephanie provided superb coaching support when I committed to facilitating my first ever Memorial Service for a special, close friend and fellow student of Truth.

Once I had met with the family to discuss details and the first draft of the ceremony had been approved, Stephanie assisted me (via Skype as she was in Austria & I was in South Africa) with invaluable insight and amendments to personalise the sacred ceremony.  The coaching gave me the confidence to be sensitive, compassionate and loving whilst fulfilling my professional  responsibility as a spiritual ceremony facilitator in a challenging situation.

The unique tribute to a wonderful soul, which Stephanie helped me create, gave my friend’s nearest and dearest a sense of consolation in their grief.  After the ceremony some  of the guests who were not involved in my friend’s spiritual life, mentioned that they had gained a feeling of personal strength regarding death and were able to see it in a new light – much different from their previous perceptions and experiences.

Feedback from both the family and friends was that they felt that their mother and sister would have approved of this ‘spiritual send off.’

For me one of the most memorable issues was that I could use humour appropriately and spontaneously given the circumstances, without offending anyone.  (Someone’s cell phone rang 3 times during the ceremony and I was able to state without any hesitation that my friend was manifesting her presence with us in spite of her physical departure from the earthly realm!

You see, her phone always rang at inappropriate times, including during our Sunday Services.  She freely admitted that she did not know how to turn it ‘off’ or onto ‘silent.’ The whole gathering erupted into joyous laughter as they had all experienced similar situations with our friend.)  I truly believe that this manifestation affirmed for everyone, myself included, that there is life in a different form after the physical death.  The laughter was a relief valve for much emotion and reminded everyone of our departed friend in a wonderful, positive way.

I appreciate Rev. Stephanie for assisting both myself, and all who attended this memorial ceremony, to open up to Truth and be reminded that death is not the end.

Penelope Gottlieb RScP

Religious Science PractitioneR, Trainer & Consultant, Cape Town, South Africa


(Highlighted in bold means traditional and most popular)


  • Preparing to conceive a child
  • Baby Naming / Welcoming
  • Adoption


  • Preparing to welcome a mate
  • Moving in with a partner
  • Preparation on the eve before the wedding
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Renewal of vows
  • 2nd marriage and blending two families


  • Starting school
  • University graduation
  • Starting first job
  • Starting a new business
  • House blessing for a new home


  • Releasing old home
  • Moving away from parental home
  • Emigrating
  • Divorce blessing
  • Retirement
  • Moving into a retirement complex
  • Moving into a nursing home
  • Moving into hospice


  • 13th birthday / Puberty
  • 18th birthday
  • 21st birthday
  • 30th /40th / 50th etc
  • Re-birthday for any birthday


  • Memorial
  • Remembrance – one year on
  • Cremation
  • Scattering the ashes
  • Burying the ashes
  • Pet Memorial



Releasing baby for adoption
Child with terminal illness
Child killed suddenly in an accident
Accidental death of one or more family members
Memorial for suicide
Memorial for murder
Pre-amputation of a limb
Pre-major surgery
Pre-removal of an organ

Facilitation help advised.
No templates or scripts will be made available



Gay Marriage / Holy Union

Facilitation help advised to prepare the couple for the commitment


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