This is no ordinary business.  The idea was communicated to me one night during my sleep state. This is how it happened….

In early February 2014, I had a melt-down.  I had enrolled in an online group coaching programme designed to support its members to successfully design and run an online business which they could operate on the road or from anywhere in the world.

I got lost on one of our early group coaching calls in the 6-month programme and I was so frustrated. All the other participants seemed to be moving forward with their business and asking questions which I did not even understand. This meant that I could not learn from the answers which our teacher so eloquently provided. The reason I could not participate was because I did not have a concrete business idea beyond “an online global ministry.”  Try as I might to come up with a genius idea, I was stumped!

A few days later, I hit bottom completely. Finally, after much mental agonizing, trying to come up with the perfect business idea, I accepted that I could not figure out this business in my own head and surrendered it to Spirit. This was on 9th February 2014.

As I got into bed and switched out the light, I inwardly committed to simply sitting in meditation until the idea came to me rather than struggling to come up with something myself.  But lo!! A few hours later, at 3:00 am, Spirit woke me up by tapping me gently on my left shoulder.

Luxor Temple – looking up at the columns at night 

I became aware of a Presence that was asking me to listen and start taking notes. Obediently, I switched on the light and grabbed my journal and a pen.  And then the Divine Download started in which I was given the perfect business idea for me: helping people to create their own sacred ceremonies.  I was told to call it “DIY Sacred Ceremonies” and it was explained to me that DIY stands for “Do It Yourself” but, more importantly, it also stands for “Divine In You.” 

The reason for helping people create and lead their own sacred ceremonies was so that they would not feel bound to any religious institution to perform this service, especially if the particular religious ideology on offer did not match their or their loved one’s spiritual or philosophical outlook.  The way for me to help was by creating templates of the ceremony scripts which my customers could fill in for themselves and also by offering coaching if they needed more guidance on delivering the ceremony on the big day.

The idea was imparted in waves from 3:00 am till 7:00 am.  I tried to sleep in between but kept getting woken up with more ideas.  It was SO COOL!!!  And so elegant. I knew it would be an effortless joy for me to do this business because creating and leading sacred ceremonies was definitely my greatest passion during my ministerial career and something I had become well-known for at Agape in America and at Soul Home, my church in South Africa.

The next day, I checked on the internet and could not find anyone else in the world who was doing anything similar to help people in a time of transition, especially in death.

Luxor Temple at night

Not only had Spirit provided me with the perfect business idea for me, It had also shown me a gap in the market – a unique way to serve people which had not been available before.

I love when stuff like that happens.

All blessings,

Rev. Steph

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