Following that small voice inside led me to a spontaneous Skype call to Rev. Stephanie. After a long chat, my world went from upside down to right side up! Rev. Steph is an amazing life coach and compassionate friend to be blessed with. I can highly recommend Rev. Steph as a life coach and counsellor for clarity, healing and self-empowerment. Shine like a diamond with Rev. Stephanie Clarke! ♡

Robin Roberts, Rural Development Coordinator, Eastern Cape, South Africa

When I went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I was told I needed 6 weeks of radiation treatment. The treatment was very stressful and I was not even sure that I would be free of cancer after 6 weeks.
At the end of the first week, I saw Stephanie and she helped me clear the emotional pain behind the manifestation of cancer. The tumour had held me hostage but as soon as I broke free in my own mind, my body started to eliminate toxic waste almost immediately.
10 months later, there is no trace of cancer and I feel wonderful. Thanks to Stephanie, I reclaimed my life!

Thembi Sibiya, Nurse, Johannesburg, South Africa

For the last few years I have known that there is something more and I have had a longing to find out how to change my life.
After 4 short weeks and 4 coaching sessions with Rev. Steph, I manifested my dream job with a salary that is off the charts and wonderful directors who want to make me a partner in the business.
I am absolutely delighted and so grateful to Rev. Steph for showing me how to make the shift in consciousness that, in turn, shifted my circumstances 180 degrees!

Sharon Blow, Recruitment Officer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Rev Steph,
Thank you so much for the coaching – it has really set me on the path to meet my objectives and enjoy the journey towards attainment. In January I entered the year with a lot of open issues which seemed to be of a diverse nature. Starting my Foundation (Mastered Seed) was apt and yet it felt as though it was premature and getting in the way of my main business. The support you gave me through writing down my ideas and intentions made my plans clear and visible. I realized I could tap into the Source of All Things for answers, which came in greater magnificence than I had anticipated.
I have finalized my marketing plans and created mind maps for the different parts of my career; both in general business and the Foundation. I feel in control of my path and have confidence in its unfolding.
Thank you very much.

Cindy Dibete, Business visionary, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have known Stephanie Clarke for nearly 30 years and always had great respect for her spiritual wisdom.  She kindly offered to provide a structure of support for me to meet my publishing goals in 2018.  During our 2nd coaching session today, there were a couple of issues that I needed to have resolved before I could move forward but I felt I had no control over either of them. It seemed to be a matter of waiting for other people to deliver.  Stephanie guided me to focus on the areas where I did have control so that I could stay in motion towards my first publishing deadline. While we were in the session, the first outstanding issue was resolved:  I received an email with the 3rd and final story permission I had been waiting for!!  With Stephanie’s clarity and guidance, the 2nd outstanding issue was also resolved quickly afterwards.  No more waiting!  Full steam ahead!  Thank you, Stephanie!

Martin Rutte, Founder of Project Heaven on Earth, Canada

Last year I was writing a family memoire but had become totally stuck when I came across some very disturbing news about my family. I wasn’t suffering from writer’s block, just completely emotionally frozen.
Stephanie helped to put a few fireworks behind me, to get me going again in a meaningful and positive direction.
Since working with Stephanie, I have now completed the memoire, but kept it ‘open and alive’ in case any changes need to be made.
I am truly grateful to Stephanie for getting me back on track.

Patricia Petersson-O’Connell, Travel agent, Johannesburg, South Africa

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