“Rev. Stephanie Clarke never fails to amaze me! Her creative spirit, enthusiasm, and big loving heart are some of her exquisite qualities I have learnt to cherish so much. I feel fortunate, indeed, for the opportunity to have been one of her students. I enjoy her wonderful gift of creating meaningful and deeply touching ceremonies for many different occasions. I am grateful for her presence in my life and for the bright light emanating from her being.”

Rev. Gerd Pontow, International Spiritual Director, Soul Home, S.

When my husband, Jean-Pierre passed away, he was a lapsed Catholic and did not want a traditional religious burial. He had found a spiritual path and wanted a ceremony to reflect that view.
I contacted Rev. Steph who spent a long time with me and my family, listening to all our various memories of Jean-Pierre.
On the day of the ceremony, it was as if Rev. Steph had known my husband all his life. She brought out his “frenchness” – his love of cooking, his music, which resulted in us all celebrating his unique personality and feeling his presence close to us.
I received so many compliments after the ceremony although I had done nothing!
I am sincerely grateful to Rev Steph for making a potentially sad event so joyful.

Jackie Estany, Healer, Johannesburg, South Africa

The service was uplifting and brought us all a sense of closure and peace. In June 2000 I contacted Rev. Stephanie to do a dedication service for my beloved son, Quinn, who had just passed over. Quinn was 7 years old.
I felt I wanted a dedication just for family and close friends and in line with my own spiritual beliefs.  Rev. Stephanie came to our home – the first time we met other than speaking on the phone.  I immediately felt comfortable with her and she handled our meeting in a kind and compassionate way.
Rev. Stephanie conducted the service in a manner that included all religious views – in a way that honoured and celebrated my precious son’s short life.  The atmosphere was relaxed and intimate; anybody who wanted to contribute a memory of Quinn was welcome to do so.

Renee Wagner, Travel Agent, Johannesburg, South Africa

I will always remember this service as an uplifting connection to my dearest mother! 
My mother had been suffering for 10 years from Alzheimers and I had been to a memorial service for a friend, that Rev. Stephanie had conducted.  I was so touched by the service that I vowed, that when my mother died, I would like to honour her, with the same loving kindness, that had been expressed, at this memorial.
A month before my mother died, I invited Rev. Stephanie to meet my mother at her home, with the intention of facilitating a memorial service for her, when the time came for her to transition.  A month later my mother passed over, very peacefully in her sleep, in her own bed at home!
On a spiritual journey myself, I needed to have a service that would acknowledge all beliefs and faiths and be a celebration of the sacredness of life.  I wanted my family and close friends to be supported by all of those who chose to attend and respect their beliefs whatever they were – a choice not a duty!
Rev. Stephanie’s ceremonies reflect compassion and the Divinity we all share.  Stephanie gives everyone, at a ceremony, an opportunity to share their experience with a loved one and express themselves, silently or vocally – I find this deeply touching!
Blessings for the work you do.
Thank you, Stephanie

Virginia Buss, Astrologer, New Zealand

Dear Stephanie,
I have spiritually known you for a very long time – my Soul Sister, Di, is our connection – even though I never had the privilege of meeting you physically until Sunday, when you conducted the most brilliant service for Walton.
Your messages just rang so true for myself and my husband, Peter, who, by the way, is not easily impressed, but he was totally impressed.  We have both decided that if we need a service done, you are the one to do it.  However I plan to be around for a very long time still.
I just had this need to show appreciation to you and gratitude for the absolute best service ever.  You were amazing.
With love and light, Adele

Adele Adamson, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have just attended a memorials service of Cedric Hicks; Rev Steph’s late step dad, conducted by herself.
Rev Stephanie Clarke conducted a service that was so peaceful and inclusive. I never knew Cedric but I could feel his presence.

Cindy Buthelezi Dibete, Business Visionary, Johannesburg, S. Africa

What a wonderful celebration of life in honor of her step dad, Cedric Hicks! I’m so grateful I attended this memorial service. Rev. Steph, a heart-felt Thank You. Everyone I talked to after the memorial expressed a sense of awe and joy.

Rev. Gerd Pontow, Spiritual Director, Soul Home, Johannesburg, S. Africa

“Rev Stephanie spent many hours with us, getting to know us personally, in order to prepare for a custom-made, personalized ceremony that included our children, family, and friends. The moving and well-choreographed ceremony was adored and cherished by all, with many commenting: ‘That was the best wedding ceremony I have ever attended! We love you, Steph xx”

Angela & Bevan Davis, Johannesburg, South Africa

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