Below is a list of services I provide.

Spiritual Counselling and Certified Law of Attraction Coaching

Since 1993 I have been working as a professional spiritual counsellor using my knowledge of the Law of Attraction to help clients have breakthroughs and healing in all areas of their lives.

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One counselling session with Rev Stephanie literally changed my life, as she uncovered the Truth for me. She set me on a path of discovery and study that gave life new meaning. I am forever grateful to this amazing teacher.

Melanie Hall RScP

School Teacher & Librarian, Johannesburg, S. Africa

It was during one of the Science of Mind courses, I can’t recall which one exactly – I called Rev. Stephanie to excuse myself from class as I was busy getting flu and the symptoms indicated that it was going to be a bout of flu where even hair follicles hurt. She called me back, accepting that I wasn’t going to attend the evening, and did a healing Treatment (prayer), claiming and affirming health for me. I woke up the next morning without a sign of these little viruses anywhere in my body – they were “sent packing”. I had never before in my life got rid of flu this easily! Awesome Stuff! No “job” too little or too large for the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent One, for which Rev Stephanie is a wonderful, powerful channel.

Etrisia Potgieter

Johannesburg, S. Africa


Let me help you design and facilitate your own sacred ceremonies. Please book a FREE strategy session with me HERE. We can discuss what kind of ceremony you want to do and how I can help you with it.

Psychic Channelling and Akashic Reader

Since my early twenties, when I discovered I was psychic, I have been assisting people on earth by relaying messages from the other side of the Veil. I can help you communicate with a deceased loved one so that you can experience forgiveness, release and closure.

As an Akashic Reader, I can help you understand the karmic aspects of your relationship with your loved one – either on this side of the Veil or beyond.


Note: The stories below are my summaries of recorded conversations with three women for whom I channelled after a recent death in their families.  All three asked to remain anonymous if I chose to share their experience in a public forum. They felt that the channelling experience was precious and tender for them and they did not want family, friends or colleagues to comment or have opinions about it.


I was raw and vulnerable after the recent and sudden death of my husband.  Rev. Steph was very confident that beings continue to exist on the other side of the Veil and that she can reach them.  It was difficult for me to buy into the idea that she could have contact with my dead husband but I was still eager to have a sign that he was OK and that he was thinking about me.

The way Rev. Steph talked about him to me was very healing and comforting.  A lot of stuff gets forgotten in the grieving and healing process but I have never forgotten this particular experience. I still don’t know if it was real or not real but I don’t mind because it helped me in the moment when I was in need.  It was a significant step in a long journey of healing over the last few years.


I was lost and devastated. Everything that I thought I knew and could make sense of in life disappeared with the sudden death of my brother.

The priest’s words at the funeral for my brother meant nothing to me. The ritual did not give me any comfort. I even had a moment at the funeral where I thought “I bet my brother thinks this ritual is hilarious!”

I had known Rev. Steph for a number of years before this and knew that she channelled but had always been too afraid to ask her about the Other Side.  When I was talking to Rev. Steph about my brother’s death,  she spontaneously began to channel a message from him.  It came through to me like a gift. I had become more open in my grief and I could let it in.

Nevertheless, my mind wanted to take over while Rev. Steph was channelling.  My Catholic history wanted to refute what was happening and what Rev. Steph was saying.  But I realised that the mind had no place in this situation.  It does not matter what the mind thinks.  The experience was outside of my belief system.  It was an out-of-body experience.   Normally I would have been sceptical.  Actually, I am still not sure if I ‘believe’ it or not but I don’t care if it is real or not because it helped me in a time of desperate pain.

I got hope and comfort from Rev. Steph in a time when nothing was making the loss easier. I understood that death is not the end.  It is the end of what we know but I felt a little opening, a light at the end of the tunnel.  Rev. Steph gave me hope that my brother is still there. I was able to communicate the message to my family overseas and it helped them too.

Now I  feel that I can talk to my brother and connect with him.  I no longer have the feeling that there is nothing out there.  No longer a void.  I feel he might be watching and listening to  me.  The experience with Rev. Steph makes  me feel that he is more real for me  – not just dead and gone forever.

The psychic channelling was a very powerful and valuable experience and I feel blessed to know Rev. Steph.


I had only just met Rev. Steph at a barbeque with a couple of friends of mine and my cousin. I was telling them that I had just passed my father’s old house on the way there and that had triggered the feelings of grief after his death four months previously.  Unbeknownst to me, Rev. Steph instantly began to “pick up” my dad on the Other Side.

In a private moment, when we both happened to be in the kitchen together, Rev. Steph asked for permission to convey a message from my dad. I believe in the afterlife but somehow I was still sceptical when it came to my own father. I  had even had three dreams in which he came to me after his death.  Nevertheless, I was taken off guard. I did not expect  to “hear” from my dad from a complete stranger at the barbeque.

The channelling was an out-of-body experience, a surreal experience for me.  I cannot remember much about it now.  However, two things happened during the channelling experience which were proof of my dad’s presence:

  1. The tap over the kitchen sink spontaneously turned itself on while Rev. Steph was giving me a message from my dad.
  2. My dad told Rev. Steph to give me a hug. I had only just met her a few minutes before but I went forward and accepted the hug.  The hug helped me surrender to my grief and I broke down.  I do not usually show people my feelings but I felt safe with Rev. Steph and very comforted by the hug.

The grief was and is very intense for me.  I had never lost a parent and I still don’t know how to talk to anyone about my experience and how I feel . But I felt comfortable talking to Rev. Steph about it and that helped me a lot.

Rev. Steph is very blessed to have this gift because she can help a lot of people with it.

The pyramids of Gizah, Cairo, Egypt



I have led a number of pilgrimages to Egypt and taken my groups on guided inner journeys and past-life regression experiences to help them access previous lives in the temples of Ancient Egypt.

Travelling through Egypt with Stephanie as our tour leader was a magical, spiritual experience that brought the majesty of Ancient Egypt to life for me.

Penelope Gottlieb, RScP

Spiritual Practitioner, Cape Town, S. Africa

With Robben Island tourist guide – a former political prisoner along with Nelson Mandela

South Africa

In 2015 I qualified as a bilingual (English and German) tourist guide in Cape Town and the Western Cape of South Africa.

My private spiritual tour of Cape Town is entitled “From Slavery to Freedom” and traces the unique South African history from colonialism to democracy under the leadership of Nelson Mandela.

In Cape Town with Revs. Bob and Barbara Grabowski, CSL ministers, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

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