The temperature rose in the house…..

Rev. Gina Gauthier Pearson, International Speaker at Birthing Our Divine Feminine 2017

You just blew me away Stephanie! You just outperformed yourself. I’m so glad the universe brought you into my space. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Muzi Cindi, Conference Organiser and Speaker, Birthing Our Divine Feminine 2017, Johannesburg, S. Africa

Rev. Stephanie Clarke is a brilliant teacher, extraordinary minister and inspiring speaker.  She is also delightful, charming and witty!  But what I really wanted to talk about is how sexy she is, so full of “IT” and with a twinkle in her eye, and an appetite for life that this one lifetime cannot possibly satisfy.

Rev. Nancy Zala, Ordained New Thought minister at the Agape International Spiritual Center, and author of ‘The Joy of Affirmative Prayer,’ LA, CA, USA

Rev. Steph expresses herself beautifully.  She has a great sense of humour and a brilliant logical mind.  She could teach anything to anyone and she uplifted all our spirits with her talk.

Evette Maltz, Retired Teacher, Johannesburg, S. Africa

Stephanie Clarke’s reputation preceded her and our members anticipated a great presentation. They were not disappointed as she entertained and taught them in her own special way. Subsequent feedback from the members was most complimentary.

Michael Cordes, Chairperson, Writers 2000, Johannesburg, S. Africa

Rev Stephanie Clarke is a dynamite teacher, speaker, and minister whose commitment to helping others is unquestionable.  One of Rev Stephanie’s many gifts is her ability to be a teacher of teachers. As a novice practitioner and spiritual teacher, I had the great opportunity of working with her while in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was open, available and never doubted the truth of who I was as a spiritual being.  Her greatest teaching to me was to trust myself and the wisdom I hold within. This teaching was truly a gift and something that I can now offer to others. I am forever grateful for Rev. Stephanie’s presence and wisdom as a teacher, speaker and minister.

M. Tiffany Reed Mts Harvard Divinity School, USA

It is so easy to snuggle into the warm energy that Rev. Steph produces. Whatever she decides to do is done with purpose and on-going dedication. I remember visiting her Science of the Mind gathering (Soul Home) in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the first time in 2002 and, on listening to her speak, I felt that I was at the beginning of something significant in my life. She created a space and set a standard from which I was comfortable to build my present spiritual outlook.  I will always be grateful to have known her for so many years.

Geoff Hall, IT Analyst, Johannesburg, S. Africa

Rev. Stephanie Clarke is an outstanding “Truth Teacher.” Her life exemplifies the very highest regard for the Sacred and Holy all around us.

David Silverstein, Community Builder and Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, LA, CA, USA

Rev. Steph’s ability to teach spiritual topics is phenomenal, especially with regards to getting her students involved in transformational processes as well as helping them discover tools which liberate them from stuck, worn-out, thinking patterns. She helps her students move with ease and understanding into the freedom to make conscious choices that serve the higher and greater good of all.

Rev. Gerd Pontow International Spiritual Director, Soul Home, S. Africa

When the student is ready the teacher comes” is truly how my relationship started with the Reverend Stephanie and how it continues to this day. I hear her words and experience her teachings in every aspect of my life. Her magnificent ability to pray, to bring Spirit closer, to listen and interpret the pain and struggle in each of her students and guide each one through their process to see the beauty within, was an unforgettable experience for me. I remain forever grateful to my teacher.

Philippa Sparrow, Alternative Health Therapist, Johannesburg, S. Africa

Rev Stephanie Clarke is truly a Great Teacher, Inspirational Spiritual Leader, counsellor and friend.  She embodies all that is Love, Joy and Peace. Her passion and enthusiasm towards teaching her students goes far beyond the call of duty.  I am so blessed to have been taught and touched by this Beautiful Generous Spirit. Rev. Steph, thank you for allowing Spirit to move through you and as you. You taught me that IT IS ALL GOD and ALL GOOD!

Miriam Nunes, AiAfrica Travel, Cape Town, S. Africa

Rev. Stephanie was one of my first teachers of New Thought, her authenticity and straight forwardness is what inspired me to take on the mantle of counsellor and teacher myself.

Rev. Ron Blair, New Thought Minister, Agape, LA, CA, USA

Rev. Stephanie was one of my first teachers at Agape. Her warm and witty way of communicating ideas was easy for me to understand. I love and honor her for the truth that she lives and the inspiration she gives to others.

Brenda Lee Eager, Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Speaker, LA, CA, USA

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