“Rev. Steph is a true citizen of the world, demonstrating the one-ness of us all.”

Rev. Bob Grabowski

“Rev. Stephanie is amazing: a true world citizen and spiritual light who travels the globe bringing insight, wisdom and healing to all she meets.”

Rev. Alice Bandy

“The temperature rose in the house.”

Rev. Gina Gauthier Pearson

“Rev. Stephanie Clarke is a brilliant teacher, extraordinary minister and inspiring speaker.”

Rev. Nancy Zala

“I did an intention setting with Rev Steph at the beginning of this year. The amazing thing is that the results are showing up left right and centre. I do not have to do anything, its magical….”

Cindy Dibete

Wedding. The moving and well-choreographed ceremony was adored and cherished by all, with many commenting: ‘That was the best wedding ceremony I have ever attended!’”

Angi & Bevan Davis

Memorial. The service was uplifting and brought us all a sense of closure and peace. Rev. Stephanie conducted the service in a manner that included all religious views.”

Renee Wagner

Healing Cancer. “I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I was told I needed 6 weeks of radiation treatment. I saw Stephanie in the first week and she helped me clear the emotional pain behind the manifestation of cancer. The cancer cleared within a few days. Ten months later, there is no trace of cancer and I feel wonderful. Thanks to Stephanie, I reclaimed my life!”

Thembi Sibiya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT_dmPApWvk&t=1s

Healing Finances “After 4 short weeks and 4 coaching sessions with Rev. Steph, I manifested my dream job with a salary that is off the charts and wonderful directors who want to make me a partner in the business.”

Sharon Blow

“One counselling session with Rev Stephanie literally changed my life”

Melanie Hall

The Sex Goddess: Debunking the Mythology of God & Sex.
“Drawing from a wealth of ancient sources and contemporary historical research, Rev. Steph weaves complex God and Sex issues into a vivid, nuanced, and enormously readable narrative. I could not put the book down until the last page.”

Muzi Cindi, Business Owner, Johannesburg, S. Africa

THE MISS-ADVENTURES OF AN IRREVERENT REVEREND: a spirit-ed guide for rebels and renegades.

“Rev. Stephanie Clarke is an authentic being, powerful, humorous, vivacious, brilliant, sexy and profound. Her book is a miraculous tale of her spiritual journey in England, Europe and the USA, and her impossible dream to build a multiracial ministry during South Africa’s Apartheid regime.”

Rev. Nirvana Reginald Gayle

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